Do you want to improve performance, engagement and results?

Do you recognise that leadership is the key enabler for change?

Do you need some support for the journey?

Growing and developing great leadership is not a trivial activity. Richard Cartlidge was a navigator in the Royal Air Force. Now he’s a navigator for leaders…helping them and their organisations on their journey to realising great leadership and to get from A to B. In ‘your navigator’ Richard shares the experiences that forged his understanding of what makes a difference in leadership, from the leadership qualities that matter through to the leadership principles that make a real difference to individual, team and organisational performance.

From a sub-zero winter in Bosnia to the stifling summer heat of Kosovo. A spring invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 and the story of an 18thCentury English carpenter. Training officers in the British Military and leading from the cockpit under intense operational pressure. From these adventures, Richard candidly recounts his own leadership journey. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, he explores how these experiences shaped his own understanding and practice of leadership, identifying what it takes for great leadership to happen in any context. The qualities and principles discovered are readily applicable to your own leadership journey. As your navigator, Richard prompts you along the journey to consider which way you need to go to make your leadership brilliant.

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