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Leadership is about change – something about the status quo just isn’t good enough. There are catalogues of quotes about leadership here that I enjoy, such as ‘managers fear change, leaders make change’; ‘managers do things right, leaders do the right thing.’ Don’t get me wrong; management is essential, important, valued and necessary. You want to get paid, right? Well, there’s probably a management process in your business that takes care of that.

How do you keep moving forward

Organisations can manage without leadership but they cannot lead without management…the detail needs taking care of. However, how do we move forward, stretch ourselves, realise new opportunities and scratch away at that potential we know exists within each one of us? Well, I suggest that this happens through leadership and specifically through courage.

I’ve already introduced the ‘fear’ word above.  Change can evoke fear – fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear that things may turn out ok, fear that we are actually very worthy. Marianne Williamson best explains this in her prose ‘Our deepest fear’, which is also featured in the film Coach Carter, take a look:

What is your deepest fear?

Here’s the link to the transcript – Our Greatest Fear by Marianne Williamson

What is Courage

How do we counter fear – with courage. But what is courage? A dear friend of mine, Tom, pointed out that the root of the word courage comes from the French word ‘coeur’ meaning heart e.g Richard ‘Coeur de Lyon’: the Lion Heart.

I think courage has to do with engaging our heart, our passion, our true identity and acting on it. Our head may rationalize and calculate ‘the way to do things right’; but it is our hearts that get us to ‘do the right thing’…often including empathy, compassion and connectedness to others. It’s not our head that skips a beat when we feel excited, loved or engaged – it’s our heart.

If I have any calling or gift in life it is to encourage. It is to connect people with their heart and realise the courage that they possess to do amazing things with their situation. If you need encouraging and courage then let’s get on it!

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