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Do you know what’s special about you? Do you know what your quality is…and how you’re marketing it?

In January I was fortunate enough to help my friends at www.factorypattern.co.uk interview Felix , the eldest brother of Sibling’s Distillery in Cheltenham. They have a remarkable story of how they’ve grown over the past 18 months or so and you can read the full interview here:

Read the Sibling Distillery Interview

What struck me was that they have two components to their approach…a great tasting product and a fantastic brand image – seriously, check out their bottle:


There is an attractive simplicity to what I discovered at Sibling’s…do something really well and communicate it brilliantly. Whether you’re a small business, a business leader or an individual thinking about your next career move I’m curious about ‘what’s your gin?’ – what do you actually do that is high quality and unique; and are you communicating it effectively? It’s really challenged me to focus what I do with my business and think about how well I tell the story.

We also asked Felix what his top 3 tips were for running a business…and I’ve shared them here:

  • Be nice to people because you don’t get anywhere by not being nice. If you can’t do a deal in a nice way, then it’s probably not worth doing. Read Humility.
  • Do the things other people won’t do. It’s very difficult to make gin from scratch. It’s why people don’t do it. It’s why we do it, because other people don’t. Read Determination.
  • Don’t think of it as a job. It’s not your job, it’s your life. Read Courage.

Some wisdom here I think – for free.
What’s your gin?