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My favourite leadership book…ever.

I was given this book as a gift by my friend Rachel Bicker in the early days of being the architect for a leadership development programme in a government agency. I’m not sure whether it is a leadership book in a conventional sense…but it is full of parables, anecdotes and uplifting stories that shift perspective and illuminate possibilities in various situations – essential criteria for leaders methinks. I enthusiastically advocate many of the practices in the book such as: “Give yourself an ‘A’”, “Being a Contribution.” and “Rule Number 6.” Warren Bennis is quoted on the sleeve of the as saying “The Zanders’ book of practices has made my life one of infinite possibility…The implications for corporate and political life are extraordinary.” I’m sure if I ever have the privilege to meet Roz or Ben Zander my life would be enriched.

Advent is a season of expectancy and preparation for Christians.  As your navigator I’m curious to know how you’re preparing for your 2018 leadership journey.  your navigator’s Advent Series 2017 is my collection of 16 reflections, insights and inspiring perspectives that I hope equip you for 2018.