Avon and Somerset Police

Establish a high performing team during a period of transition for Avon and Somerset Police

Policing in the Avon and Somerset force area dates back more than 175 years, when Bath and Bristol were among the first cities in the country to form their own police forces.

  • Facilitation of a joint force alliance event and assignments
  • Development of a Force wide leadership programme
  • Leadership development interventions across three collaborating police forces

The Challenge

Avon and Somerset Police had appointed its fifth Chief Constable in two years. Following this period when the reputation of the Force had been damaged it was important that the new Chief Constable quickly got his team performing in order to tackle head on the challenges of budget cuts, collaborations and alliances with other forces and raising the KPIs across all ‘business as usual’ policing.

The Mission (brief)

To transform the Chief Officers Group (COG = executive leadership team) into a high performing team equipped to lead through collaboration and alliance initiatives and restore the reputation of the Force.

The Solution

your navigator designed and delivered a two-day event that developed self-awareness, team awareness, established a team contract and agreed short term priorities.

The success of this event led to further interventions including facilitation of a joint force alliance event:

  • Several coaching assignments with members of the senior team
  • Team development with a high profile specialist team
  • Ongoing support for members of COG

Furthermore your navigator was asked to consult on the development of a Force wide leadership programme and has received ongoing requests for further leadership development interventions across three collaborating police forces.

What The Client Said

“Following a period where several events had impacted adversely on the confidence that the people of Avon & Somerset have in their Police it was imperative that as the new Chief Constable I fully empowered, enabled and coordinated the leadership capability of my direct reports and of the senior leadership in the organisation.”

“Richard quickly understood the complexities of the situation. He designed and delivered several interventions that markedly shifted us to a ‘moving forward’ growth culture that fully enabled and maximised the potential of the leadership capability within the team. He has won the respect and confidence of my team and is helping me to turn Avon & Somerset Police into the High Performing organisation that the people of Avon & Somerset deserve.”

“On occasions within a team there is great benefit in a mature and experienced facilitator who can act as a catalyst towards developing a high performing team. Richard fulfilled this, knowing when to be silent, when to observe and when to ask the wicked question – pushing the team towards achieving its ambitions.”

“Richard has listened to and observed the impact of his work with us and always been ready to offer insight into how a fresh dynamic or opportunity can be grasped. He has become a trusted asset to our team.”