CS4L – Coaching Skills for Leaders

Equipping Leaders with Core Coaching Skills

Delivering a programme that equips the leadership of ASC with core coaching skills and support the growth of a coaching culture.

  • 69 senior leaders attended 1 of seven 2 day CS4L workshops within a 4-month period.
  • ROI of 9,756%; equivalent to a return that would cover the costs of training for all the 69 leaders on the programme in 2017.
  • Practical skills to empower colleagues and improve organisational effectiveness with a future focussed approach to leadership.

Avon and Somerset Police as we know it today formed in 1974 from the merger of the former Somerset and Bath Constabulary with the Bristol police force and the Staple Hill division of Gloucestershire Constabulary. However, policing in the Avon and Somerset force area dates back more than 175 years, when Bath and Bristol were among the first cities in the country to form their own police forces.

The Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Plan provides detail about how the Constabulary will deliver their priorities as well as how they will work in partnership and their resources.  Targets in the Police and Crime Plans aim to increase public confidence in Avon and Somerset Police to top ten nationally. As well as increasing detection rates for serious sexual offences, increasing recorded and

About Performance Solutions Consulting Ltd. – ‘ your navigator’

Performance Solutions Consulting exists to enable insight and clarity of direction in complex situations where the stakes are high. We focus on your key performance requirements and design and deliver the solutions that will facilitate and equip your organisation to think and act strategically, unlock potential and empower leadership.

Utilising the ‘navigator’ method we identify the mission, bring clarity to the context, devise a plan, support the execution and hold to account over results.

The Challenge

As part of the ‘ASPIRE’ leadership programme ASC wanted to cultivate a coaching approach within the constabulary for officers and staff alike to equip them to lead an empowered workforce and embed the key characteristics of personal responsibility, mistakes without blame, a collaborative approach and valued input from all individuals. Furthermore, managing costs would be a key consideration as the Constabulary aligns itself with priority based resourcing and continued transparency of expenditure.

The Mission (brief)

Richard was brought into an environment where unprofessional behaviours had been the norm and as a consequence trust between senior colleagues was all but totally eroded. Without sound leadership there was a high degree of uncertainty and scepticism about how the University would deliver results during a critical period.

Richard’s mature approach and incisive analysis led him to quickly understand the complex dynamics at play. His naturally authoritative manner and leadership credibility allowed him to instantly establish rapport with all of the key stakeholders.

Through the programme of workshops, meetings and interventions that he designed and delivered the key leaders of the University have been able to focus on how to deliver the ambitious corporate strategy and how to work in an increasingly collaborative and inclusive climate. Consequently I am delighted to report that we are starting to see the fruits of this endeavour.

The Solution

Performance Solutions Consulting Ltd. worked extensively with ASC’s internal leadership trainer and coach to co-design and co-deliver a two day, high impact programme that equipped participants in key coaching competencies, aligned the senior leadership community with the ASPIRE Programme’s vision and introduced group coaching to 60+ senior leaders. The initial two-day workshop was supplemented with two follow up group coaching sessions after 6 and 12 weeks; the latter supported by the Chief Constable to receive feedback on progress.

The Results

69 senior leaders including the most senior police officers, police staff and members of the OPCC attended one of seven 2 x day CS4L workshops within a 4-month period. The effect of immersing wholesale the senior leadership community through this process acted as a catalyst to galvanise tangible benefits, specifically:

  • Team building amongst this key leadership community, establishing an ‘esprit de corps’ amongst these leaders who are tasked with delivering significant change in the months and years ahead
  • Deep networking and improved relationships across departments with improved knowledge of activity between operational delivery and enabling services
  • Practical skills to empower colleagues and improve organisational effectiveness with a future focussed approach to leadership
  • Problem solving of live issues among participants with immediate ‘call to action’ for some discussed items
  • Transfer of training to colleagues throughout the Constabulary, quickly spreading low-cost core coaching skills
  • Support and renewal groups at 6 and 12 weeks to give feedback and accountability to the Chief Constable, embedding these core leadership skills

What The Client Said

“What a brilliant couple of days – full and honest participation from everyone who attended with some real learning and insight. I have been on quite a few courses over the years that have included coaching elements but the difference with this one is that it wasn’t about trying to turn us all in to qualified coaches in 2 days, instead it gave us core coaching skills to aid us as leaders in our everyday interactions and conversations and to hone the existing techniques we already have. Everyone present said they felt it was positive and hugely beneficial. Thoroughly enjoyed – thank you.”

“The contracting techniques are great for partnership meetings”

“There are times I just go into tell mode, and afterwards I think, I should have used coaching then”

“Coaching skills being used in bucket loads – really helped with various meetings – ‘what’, ‘I’m curious’ and silence are my favourites!”

“I used it with a demotivated member of my team to help them think about what they will do next. It worked actually!”

“It has enabled me to understand and clarify the issue and agree a strategy for dealing with it. Without Group Coaching I would have tried to solve the problem on my own and missed the opportunity to make a significant saving.”

ROI is notoriously difficult to ascertain, especially in coaching scenarios where the subject matter may not be articulated in metrics. However, the CS4L approach works hard to always capture value. The significant saving referred to in the last quote above represents a ROI of 9,756%. Alternatively, the saving would more than cover the costs of training all the 69 leaders on the programme in 2017.

The Chief Constable, Andy Marsh, said of the programme:

“Performance Solutions Consulting Ltd, led an initiative to introduce coaching skills to my senior leadership cohort within Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Richard skilfully and flexibly worked with my in-house L&D team to deliver a bespoke package which has significantly helped develop a more empowered senior leadership team moving towards a learning culture.

There were several other positive outcomes which I didn’t anticipate: the level of teamwork across pre-existing silos in the organisation, including between senior police staff and police officer roles, has very significantly improved.

As a relatively new Chief Constable in ASC the programme has helped me to significantly build the trust and confidence in me across my senior leadership team; it has been highly impactful in winning the support of my senior leaders to deliver on our mission to become an outstanding police force.”