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In his article ‘Secrets of the Superbosses’, Sydney Finkelstein argues that the one activity that distinguishes business icons from their peers is their ability to grow talent: Read the full article ‘Secrets of the Superbosses’ – Harvard Business Review Jan/Feb 2016 Smart organisations have a mature attitude and approach to leadership and talent development; ensuring […]

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I used to commit to only having two favourite leadership qualities; but over time a third deserves recognition and comment. Determination (or persistence). Leadership is the thing that inspires us to be more than we currently are, to get to where we are not now. Things get tough Grand visions and inspirational speeches are good. […]

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Leadership is about change – something about the status quo just isn’t good enough. There are catalogues of quotes about leadership here that I enjoy, such as ‘managers fear change, leaders make change’; ‘managers do things right, leaders do the right thing.’ Don’t get me wrong; management is essential, important, valued and necessary. You want […]

Leadership Navy Ships

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I’m a leadership development consultant.  I’ve spent many years working in the British military, the public sector and the private sector, helping to improve leadership – both individual and corporate.  In this time I have consistently come across three leadership qualities which, when present, always make a difference. I’m not professing that these are the […]