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This concept was brought to me by Keith Grint – that management is about ‘déjà vu’ (already seen) and leadership is about ‘vu jade’ (never been there). If you see a problem and you recognise it then the solution will likely be a tried and tested process implemented through management. If you see a challenge and you’ve never been there before – and evolving contexts mean that we all face these (Brexit; plastic pollution; new job etc.) – then leadership is needed; along with my favourite leadership qualities of humility and courage. I’ve delivered talks on this with a private sector client in 2017…do you need to be innovative, bold and courageous in 2018?

Advent is a season of expectancy and preparation for Christians.  As your navigator I’m curious to know how you’re preparing for your 2018 leadership journey.  your navigator’s Advent Series 2017 is my collection of 16 reflections, insights and inspiring perspectives that I hope equip you for 2018.