Most leaders are more than capable of doing a good job – but working with your navigator will accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals.

We work with leaders from a range of settings to get them to where they need to be to perform optimally. This may be:

  • Established leaders facing change or specific objectives
  • Newly appointed leaders working through a ‘first 90 days’ agenda
  • Leaders who have become ‘lost’ and are looking for their next challenge
  • Leaders identified as emerging talent and high potential

Working with your navigator we identify clearly where the leader is needing to get to and then design the best plan of action using the most appropriate resources.

We work with:

  • CEOs, CFOs, MDs, HRDs
  • Operations Directors
  • HE leaders e.g. VCs and PVCs, Senior Uniformed leaders e.g. Chief Constables and ACCs, and many more

Leadership Development Programmes (LDP)

Designing and delivering programmes that move your organisation and your people to results. Many suppliers offer to ‘do it all’…with the consequence that you get a watered down version of the outcome you were looking for.

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The best LDP will be fully aligned with your business’ needs and consequently attract the support, sponsorship and involvement of key stakeholders.

The process:

An integrated programme that starts with thorough succession planning to ensure the right people receive the recognition and development and continues all the way through to the delivery of transformational results and demonstrable ROI (View Case Study).

Key elements of your navigator leadership programmes, delivered when required in partnership with expert providers, include:

Skills training in:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Presence
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Coaching Skills

Support through:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership Mentoring Groups


  • Business focussed outcomes delivered
  • Culture Change

Senior Leadership Team Development (SLT)

What you want. You want your team to be high performing, probably in a 360-degree fashion, exuding authenticity and credibility to all stakeholders.

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Measures of success include your team being a key player in influencing the strategic direction of the business – not least through their demonstration of results in all key areas – being where people aspire to be promoted to and a team that is the lead on growing talent in the organisation.

We know how to work with your team – working through team dysfunctions and establishing high levels of trust, accountability and leadership.

As your navigator – we join the team as a supernumerary…having a hands-on approach to helping you to map out your leadership journey and ensuring you keep to the course.

We accelerate the achievement of results – through challenge, support and encouragement. We take teams from being intra-competitive and defensive to being unified, collaborative, future focused and inclusive with a strategic edge that leads the business through change.

Leadership Exchange Programme (LXP)

The Leadership Exchange Programme (LXP) provides leadership talent from different organisations facilitated access to a leadership peer group(s) in other high brand organisation(s). Live business issues are tackled through a collaborative approach.

The activity provides ‘consequence free’ vertical development for leaders to review and explore leadership practices and initiatives that will enhance their own business.

The programme includes:

– a diagnosis of the culture
– and identifies tangible actions to address performance improvements.

Consequence free – by partnering with an organisation outside of your normal operating network participants are uninhibited by reputational or relational constraints and contribute freely and openly…encouraging innovative thinking, problem solving and the space to discuss openly – developing strategies that can overcome internal barriers to success.