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My best development learning…ever – that keeps cropping up.

In 2004 whilst serving as a Flight Commander at Royal Air Force College Cranwell my good friend and forward thinking colleague Mark Lovatt arranged for us to attend a 2-day introductory course on Transactional Analysis – TA101. Knowing nothing about TA previously I have since seen Eric Berne’s Ego States (Parent, Adult, Child); the OK Corral; strokes; permissions; games being played and many more aspects of this approach to social intercourse being played out every day in business and personal life. It has helped me personally as a dad, it has helped me work though personal mental health issues and it appears in many other now well-regarded concepts such as emotional intelligence. If you have transactions with people (and as a leader you do) then understanding this model is essential. My good friends at Coaching Development can offer you the same introduction: https://www.coachingdevelopment.com/learning/continuing-professional-development/introduction-to-transactional-analysis


Advent is a season of expectancy and preparation for Christians.  As your navigator I’m curious to know how you’re preparing for your 2018 leadership journey.  your navigator’s Advent Series 2017 is my collection of 16 reflections, insights and inspiring perspectives that I hope equip you for 2018.